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Our team will always help you with a quality essay for a short time . Do not waste your time, join us! Our team will always help you with a quality essay for a short time. Do not waste your time, join us! Our team will always help you with a quality essay for a short time. Do not waste your time, join us! Our team will always help you with a quality essay for a short time.
Meet Our Team

We deal with every essay writing request through our comprehensive team of expert writers, who are able to provide content that works. The team has been handpicked by our leaders in order to ensure quality at every stage. All of our writers have academic qualifications and are experts in their respective fields. Crucially, they have passion and knowledge required to churn out high-quality content. We also have a dedicated customer service team which goes to great lengths in order to provide the best service to our customers.

Mariya Jonsena
Jonsena has several years of experience in the world of essay writing services. The inspiration for building such a strong company to provide essay writing services comes about as a result of her struggles to find people who deliver quality content.
Margaret Willson
Willson went through a painful struggle to find writers who delivered content that met the requirement of a customer. Now, she has managed to aggregate some of the best writers in the world to help solve the predicament of several students around the world.
Devin Mingo
The brains of the company come from Mingo, who has helped manage writers belonging to different backgrounds. He also has academic degrees from top-ranking institutions..
Bonnie Lang The requirement of a strong customer support is meant by Bonnie Lang, who has years of experience in dealing with customers of different backgrounds and requirements. Lang’s efficiency and the ability to act as the liaison between the customer and the writer ensures the smooth functioning of our company.
Bonnie Lang
Customer Support
Mary Leal Leal works alongside Lang in order to ensure the best possible customer support for our clients. Her ability to work in tight situations helps meet deadlines without affecting the quality of the content.
Mary Leal
Customer Support
Joseph Perdue A highly skilled content with several years of experience and a master’s degree, Perdue has been with us for more than five years now. His presence is one of the key reasons behind our company functioning on an efficient note even when we have a long list of orders to fulfil.
Joseph Perdue
Karen McMillan works alongside Perdue to ensure a smooth functioning of our company. McMillan coordinates with the financial aspect of the company and the projects so as to ensure that all the requirements of the customer are met in the most efficient manner possible.
Karen McMillan
Thomas Hill is capable of writing on almost every topic le art, public relations, accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and software engineering. He holds a master’s degree from a reputed institution. He has completed more than 104 tasks and is one of our celebrated writers.
Thomas Hill
David Dement An expert when it comes to marketing, sociology, trade, psychology, and political science, David Dement has been with us for almost 5 years. Over the years, he has become an integral part of the writing team with a string of successfully completed tasks.
David Dement
Mary Ojeda Ojeda specialises in writing content related to theatre, logistics, management, astronomy, philosophy, and music. She holds an economics degree and later went on to pursue her interest in writing. She has been with us for three years.
Mary Ojeda
Edward Aguirre is the latest addition to our celebrated line-up of writers. He is a specialist when it comes to writing content about business, management, political science, healthcare, and life science. He is extremely passionate when it comes to writing and he has already delivered several successful projects since coming into the team.
Edward Aguirre
How we started

The seeds for our company were thrown back in 2005 when Mariya Jonsena and Margaret Willson were going through a tough time in order to find a top-quality writer for assistance in their essay writing projects. However, the inability to find a proper solution ultimately pushed them into coming up with this company, which has since been serving several thousand students around the world with high-quality content. Initially, Jonsena and Willson were part of a small team that was catering to projects but the company has now grown into a substantial institution where a number of projects are being executed on a daily basis.

We consciously set out with the motto of giving the best service to today’s students. The overwhelming pressure for students to come up with high-quality essays often leads to a situation where they suffer in their university studies as a whole. Using our service is certainly not cheating and instead, we are here to serve students with the best academic content.

After initially going with freelance writers for various projects, Jonsena and Willson decided to step up their game and hire in-house writers so that we could match a high level of service. A lot of painstaking work was done in order to invite writers and hire the best option. This decision to move towards in-house writers provided a massive shift in dynamics for our company, which has grown in leaps and bounds with regard to the number of clients and the net worth of orders being completed each day.

The growing number of clients lead to a difficult situation whereby satisfying the requirements of each client became difficult. This led our company into going with separate departments and hiring even more personnel. A dedicated customer service section helps keep the clients abreast with the developments, while the writers section continues with the project. This shift has enabled us to serve even more clients, who are now located in almost every part of the globe. The story for growth has been quite incredible, but we would dedicate this growth to the time spent behind ensuring that all of the projects are completed to the highest possible standards at affordable rates. Today, our company is regarded as one of the finest when it comes to essay writing services for students around the world.

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