EduBirdies Is The Best Place To Pay For Essay

You may have heard that you can buy anything online if you look well enough. Little birdies can fetch you literally anything you desire. Among the most rapidly growing industries is having your homework done online for money. Despite being frowned upon by most professors, custom academic writing only grows in popularity.

Since you are here, you are already considering having your paper written by professionals for you. But – to make a conscious decision, you need to know precisely what you get for your money’s worth.

What do I get when I pay someone to write my essay?

Here at EduBirdies, we value our clients above all. So, in addition to an excellently written essay delivered on time, we offer our esteemed customers a set of irresistible perks, including:

  • Individual approach. Even though our order form is brief, as you can see, we welcome as many details and clarifications as possible, so that our writer birdies can tailor your paper in strictest accordance with your expectations.
  • Utter confidentiality. We do not collect any unnecessary info to complete your order. This means minimum personal data. And even the little personal data that you share with us is not stored on our servers (talk about birds’ poor memory) once your order is complete. Besides, all our communication goes through a secure SSL connection that cannot be hacked into by any third party.
  • Free revisions. If for some reason, you are less than satisfied with our work, our birdies will be disappointed but will do everything in their power to fix the situation – your happiness is our happiness. You can apply for unlimited free revisions within about ten days after the initial completion of the order (the exact number of days for free revisions depends on the assignment – you are welcome to specify that with the secretary birdies from our customer service).
  • Refund guarantee. If free revisions don’t help, and your professor remains unhappy with our birdies’ toil, we will be sad, but we will not be able to consider our job done. As such, you will have your money back. However, the fact that our birdies have been doing their job (and making so many students happy – just look at our Testimonials) for all these years should assure you that such instances barely ever happen.

How do I pay for an essay online?

To weave an excellent paper for you, our birdies don’t need much. Simply specify your topic and discipline, your formatting style and academic level, and – of course – your deadline and word count. The latter three are the most important factors that will shape the price of your order.

(Tip: You can influence the complexity of your paper or the necessary word count. But you can place your order long before the deadline, thus making our writer birdies’ job a lot more relaxed and reducing the price that we will have to charge for your paper.) website offers a variety of payment methods. They are all equally secure and confidential, so you can choose based on your own convenience exclusively.

But isn’t it cheating if I order essay online?

We sincerely believe that this ethical detail should not be an issue in our century. We see just how overwhelming the curriculum gets and how stressful it is for students to cope with it. If anything, it is cheating to force students to sacrifice the best years of their lives just for the sake of Board of Education’s paperwork – because, truly, most of the assignments look pointless to a student. And the reason why they look so is because these assignments are about professors’ paperwork and not about students’ education. So, it’s only natural for students to focus on their education rather than on fulfilling the schools’ bureaucratic requirements.

In practice, contrary to the widespread belief, it’s not exclusively the mediocre students who address EduBirdies. If you look at our Testimonials, you'll see that some students of the most prestigious schools found it appropriate not only to admit to using our services but also to thank us for having helped them out in dire situations which would be even more severe without our assistance. This only proves that paying for homework is not only morally acceptable but often objectively necessary, regardless of how bright and zealous you may be.

But you don’t have to wait for a dire situation to come. Let’s start working together now so that you can avoid the stress of frantically looking for a reliable writing service. We want you to know that our birdies are always there for you whenever you need any kind of help with your homework. All we want is that every student in the world could focus on his or her education without forgetting to enjoy the best years of their lives!